Greetings from School of Education, University of São Paulo (FEUSP)!

We're pleased to inform you that applications for 2020 Student Exchange Program  is open . The deadline: November 15th 2019 (exchange period from February to June).

1. Mobility

The students of universities that have agreements with the University of São Paulo ,School of Education (FEUSP) may participate in the mobility program in the field of Education.
For undergraduates, we have a Teaching Degree in Pedagogy course and a Teaching Degree from other courses (Teaching Degree in specific content as Portuguese, French, History, Geography, etc).

1.2 Mobility for undergraduate students:

The recommendation of students must be made by the International Office from the Home University. The deadline to recommend students is June 15th  for the 2nd semester (August/December) and November 15th for the 1st semester (February to June).

The first step that should be done to recommend a student is to fill the application form attached.
Then the student will receive an  email and must complete the online application attaching the following documents:

For the information about the Subjects in Teaching Degree in Pedagogia, click here

For the information about the Subjects in Teaching Degree in other courses,click here

Documents to be attached:

-Application form (filled and signed),

– Simple certificate of proficiency in Portuguese (from the home institution or language school) Basic level (A1 / A2) – certificate is not required for students from Portuguese and Spanish-speaking countries.

-Recommendation letter by a Professor from the Home University,

-A photo (3×4 size),

-Official transcript of Records and its simple translation into Portuguese, English or Spanish (signed and stamped by the Home University),

-A copy of the passport.

1.3 Mobility of graduate students

For graduate students, the following documents are required:

Letter of recommendation from the professor abroad;

Letter from your home university proving enrollment as a graduate student;

Letter of the FEUSP co-supervisor(who must be an accredited advisor in the program), accepting the student;

Research Plan indicating the start and end dates of the project;

Schedule of activities to be performed at FEUSP during the specified period;

Copy of passport;

Registration form (attached) completed;

If approved,  the copy of the health insurance and;

If approved,  the copy of student visa IV.

2. Housing

The University of São Paulo does not have accommodation for foreign students.  On the Student guide (item 7) there are some housing suggestions.

3. Portuguese Language Support

Generally FEUSP offers free Portuguese and Brazilian Culture course  for exchange students.

Also at FEUSP, we offer Portuguese Language Tutoring sessions (it is not a course) at the Center for Studies and Research on Language Teaching (CEPEL).

The Interdepartamental Center of Languages at the Faculty of Philosophy, Languages and Human Sciences (Centro Interdepartamental de Línguas da FFLCH) offers a paid course of Portuguese for foreign students who need to improve their skills. For more information, access .

4. Interction in Foreing Languages at FEUSP

All undergraduate classes and most graduate classes are delivered in Portuguese, but we have Faculty members and staff workers who speak other languages and can assist students while they are adapting to our Academic life and Culture.

For a list of Professors, staff workers and the Languages they can speak, click here.

5. USP iFriends

It is a program in which volunteers students of USP  may help foreign students with the following activities:
Assistance in finding accommodation;

Reception at the airport;

Assistance documents for foreigners;

Academic orientation;

Assistance with the Portuguese language.

Foreign students recommended by the home university can enroll in the program.

We also have tutoring / FEUSP Friends

Offering the same assistance from USP Ifriends, but with students from School of Education. The Exchange students can have both Friends.

6. Dining plan

The University of São Paulo  has dining plan for all the students enrolled. Each meal costs: Breakfast R$ 0,50. Lunch R$ 2,00 Dinner R$2,00.

For more information, please see attached our fact sheet and  webiste: